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Top 10 Movies for the Entire Family

Aug 2, 2017 | Family & Lifestyle

Sitting down on your couch for a fun night with your family is a great way to bond and is generally a fun experience for you and your family if you pick the right movie! There is nothing better than sitting down on a warm summer evening with your family and watching some of the all time classics.

Overtime there have been some true classics, which won countless awards for brining joy to millions of people, through sheer comedy, sharp one-liners and heart-touching stories that everyone can relate to. Keeping that in mind, the next time you feel like spending quality time with your family and want to watch some good old family movies, here is the list of top ten family movies:.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is one of the all-time favorites of children and those that are young at heart. Pixar really hit gold with this blockbuster action comedy animated flick, and it was a huge success all over the world. It also won an Oscar, and was one of the highest grossing animated films on its release.

The story revolves around the world of monsters where the only occupation is of scaring small children around the world when they go to bed. The main characters are Sulley (voice over by James P. Sullivan), a big furry blue giant, and his goofy best friend, which is a green one eyed monster,  Mike (Voice over by Mike Wazowski) stumble upon a little girl who they name Boo, who accidentally enters the world of the monsters one night. The story revolves around both Sulley and Mike trying to get Boo out of their world and back into her own, before anyone finds about her existence in their world.

Best For: Everyone will have a blast watching this Pixar classic, and old and young people alike will have a ball.

Finding Nemo

This is the ultimate family movie, and is sure to bring the little ones closer to their pet fish. The story involves the quest of a clown fish, known as Martin, who goes out into the great depths of the ocean to search for his missing son, known as Nemo. During his travels he comes in contact with another fish, known as Dory, who tags along with Martin to help him find his son, and doesn’t help him much due to her short term memory loss.

It is a great family movie to enjoy, full of laughter and conveys covertly conveys environmental messages as well in the plot. Finding Nemo is regarded as one of the best movies to sit down and watch with your family and is sure to become your little ones’ favorite too.

Best For: Recommended for all ages; parents and grandparents may join in the fun.


A Sci-Fi fantasy adventure story, which is regarded as one of Steven Spielberg’s all time classics, E.T the Extra – Terrestrial is a great movie to enjoy with your family on any day of the week. It involves a child who befriends an alien and helps him escape Earth and return to its home planet. The movie has won four Oscars and is regarded as one of the best family movies of all time, one which will unite the whole family together.

The story includes the alien’s first experience of Earth and how he manages to cope with the different surrounding and the environment of the Earth. It teaches a great lesson about helping your friends and making them get more comfortable in new and unknown environments. Definitely one of the all time classics, which you will enjoy watching with your family!

Best For: This Oscar winning classic is sure to bring a touch of nostalgia when you are watching it with your family.

Back to the Future

When you are talking about the all-time greatest hits of sci-fi classics, you cannot fail to mention, Back to the Future, which is a movie that almost everyone relates to in some way or the other. Director Robert Zemeckis really gave a keeper to the film industry with this family classic, which tells the story about a teenage boy who somehow manages to go 30 years back into the past in a time machine, which was invented by his friend Dr. Emmet Brown, and now must make sure that his parents meet and elope in the past to ensure his existence in the future.

It is a fun filled ride for the whole family and is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Back to the Future is one of the truly great family classics of American cinema and has rightly been hailed as a must watch movie for every family.

Best For: This fun filled Sci-Fi comedy is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family.

The Incredibles

Another great movie by Pixar! It tells the story of a family full of super heroes and their struggle to conceal their true identity and  to live a normal human life. They are then forced to come out of retirement and save the world from evil. In the movie, the whole family gets involved and fights the ingenious evil villain in order to bring justice and save the world.

The Incredibles is one of those movies that you will want to watch again and again, and will never get bored from watching it. A great animated movie by Walt Disney and Pixar, who never fail to disappoint when it comes to making movies the whole family can enjoy.

Best For: A great comic action movie for the entire family. Great fun for the older members of the family as well.


Big is a great family movie about a boy, who makes a wish at a wish machine one night that he could grow older, and he wakes up as an adult the next morning. This fantasy comedy drama starring Tom Hanks is great fun for the entire family and makes for an interesting watch, as you see a boy trapped inside the body of an adult, and how he copes with the problems that adults have to face in life.

Watch as he struggles to get a job and how he has his first real romantic encounter with a girl. It is a movie that everyone can truly relate to, since all of us have felt hopelessly helpless and unfamiliar at some point of our lives. It is a real feel good comedy that will lighten the mood and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Best For: A fantastic comedy, starring Tom Hanks that will have everyone engrossed in the movie.

The Sandlot

The Sandlot is another family comedy, adventure film that will inspire you in ways you never knew before. It is a story about a small boy who moves into a new neighborhood and wants to learn how to play baseball. He soon finds a baseball professional who teaches him all about baseball and pretty soon the boy, known as Scotty Smalls, gets involved in all sorts of adventures with his baseball friends.

This is a lighthearted comedy for the entire family and will leave you with a feel good vibe. This is definitely a great movie to watch with the entire family and a great way to encourage your kids into taking up sports. Baseball fans will also revel in the comic attempts of Scotty and his friends when playing and fooling around on their adventures in the film.

Best For: This family comic drama is suited for all ages and is a great watch with the family.

Home Alone

If you are talking about the all-time classics when it comes to family movies, then you can not leave out Home Alone. The movie that changed the lives of so many young kids is one of the best known family comedy movies of all times. The story revolves around the tale of a young boy that is accidentally left behind by his family, and he must now defend his home against a couple of robbers that are attempting to break in. What makes it doubly comic is the fact that the burglars are completely idiotic and are fooled repeatedly in their attempts to rob the house by the little boy.

This family comedy is sure to leave you and your family howling with laughter, with the great comic actions of the two burglars and the reactions of the young boy. It is a great movie to bond over with your family and is sure to leave everyone feeling good by the end of the movie.

Best For: Who could ever forget Home Alone? One of the comedy classics of our time, and it is sure to get everyone involved in the family.

Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers

The Academy Award winner for the best short firm, Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers is a fun filled comedy and is a great watch for children. This plasticine animated short film revolves around  two characters; Gromit, who is a dog, and Wallace, his owner. The story kicks into gear when a new tenant arrives at their home, a Penguin, who is actually an evil criminal, but Gromit thwarts him in the end.

It is a great family adventure, with superb animations, which landed it an Oscar, which is not an as easy feat. It is a fun filled movie that is sure to be a huge hit with kids and even the adults in the family.

Best For: This winner of the 1993 Oscar for best Animated Film is going to be a huge hit with your little ones and is a must watch.

The Princess Bride

This romantic comedy is one of the all time classics, when it comes to family movies. It revolves around two lovers who struggle against all odds to be together and must battle giants and rodents of all sizes. The story is narrated by a Grandpa and his sick grandson, and is an inspiring tale about love and overcoming all odds to achieve your love.

This movie is sure to be a fun watch for the entire family and will leave young ones and old alike with a feeling of optimism and good will.

Best For: The teen bride is a classic and is one of the all time favorites amongst teens. The upbeat comedy will have you rolling around with laughter and is best enjoyed in large settings.

Final Note

These movies are bound to create a great bond and unity amongst your family and you will never get bored of watching some of these classics time and time again. So make sure you pick these movies the next time you are planning to watch these movies with your family.